Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PDFs of your stories using the e-archive

The DTI e-archive has a PDF version of your stories. Haven't ever used the e-archive? Here is how to access it:

1. You MUST have Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer. Don't have it? Call 7378 or email Help Desk to get it installed. Once installed, open the application and copy and paste this web link into the browser: http://nrearchivesvr/eArchive/login.jsp - the database is on an internal server and will not work outside the building.

2. Your Username and Password are the same as when you log-on to DTI. Remember the e-archive is DTI, just a web version of it.

3. Use the drop boxes to choose a year and month to search; search all years at once by leaving those boxes blank. But remember if you are searching all years, there are 20 years of archive there, so your search had better be specific - use quotes for phrases. (There will be PDFs of stories only since 2005)

4. Check the box to the left to select a particular story. Click the View PDF button. Your jump should be included in a separate page.

5. Once the PDF is open, you can email it, copy and save it, or print it.

6. To make sure the page is large enough to read, click Print Setup, under File and choose a larger size paper.

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