Friday, November 17, 2006

State Center for Health Statistics

Staff reporter, Amy Dominello sent me the following research resources:

Vital Statistics:
North Carolina Reported Pregnancies for 2005

North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 2: Leading Causes of Death,

North Carolina's total and cause-specific deaths at the state and county level.
Child Deaths in North Carolina 2005

North Carolina Vital Facts for 2005

Detailed Mortality Statistics, North Carolina Residents, 2005

Deaths of residents classified by cause, age, race, and sex.
Infant Mortality Statistics 2005

Basic Automated Birth Yearbook (BABYBOOK) - 2005
Statewide and county counts for 2005 resident live births classified
by selected infant and maternal characteristics.

2005 BRFSS Data for Adults in North Carolina Enrolled in Medicaid
Health Risks Among North Carolina Adults: 2005

Central Cancer Registry:
NC Cancer Projections for 2006

These tables include projected new cancer cases and deaths for selected sites.
2004 Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) Survey Results

Special Studies and Reports:
Statistical Brief 30: Hospice Care in North Carolina

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